Tenacity Wins Cash Settlement for Couple in Case of Bat-Infested Home

Flying Pipistrelle bat on wooden ceiling

A bat-infested home and a recalcitrant property manager drove a couple to seek help from McMonagle, Perri, McHugh & Mischak.

The couple discovered the bats soon after moving into a luxury townhouse in Montgomery County. The property manager/owner, Korman Communities, refused to take any responsibility and told the couple they were free to move.

McMonagle Perri investigated and found evidence of prior bat problems at the townhouse development owned by the national property management company. The firm sought a settlement for the couple.  Korman refused. So, McMonagle Perri drew up a complaint and attached a document listing the couple’s injuries and losses and detailing their horrific experience.

“The property manager immediately started negotiating, and we settled the case within three days for an amount that made the clients extremely happy and able to put the whole experience behind them,” said attorney Bill Davis, who led the effort for McMonagle Perri.