Landlord Tenant Law

We help landlords protect their investments and enforce their rights. We prepare clear and effective lease agreements, assist in resolving disputes and evictions swiftly, and offer guidance in the daily management of properties.

Owning a property with rental units can be a complex undertaking. It involves successful management and maintenance of a property, interacting with a wide range of tenants, and successfully doing all of this within an environment where laws can quickly change, often in favor of the leaseholders.

As a landlord tenant law firm in Philadelphia, we provide insight into current and developing legislation, support in navigating issues with every type of lessee, and the guidance that puts you in the strongest position to protect your investment. Our clients include landlords and corporations operating large/luxury apartments, condominium communities and building complexes in and around the city.

We are skilled in contract preparation, resulting in lease agreements that protect your rights to the fullest extent of the law. We provide guidance on limiting exposure to Federal Fair Housing violations. We help ensure compliance with all pertinent statutes and laws, and we offer skilled representation in disputes and lawsuits related to housing discrimination.

We are former prosecutors with extensive litigation experience and are especially adept in successfully handling eviction hearings against tenants – individual or corporate – who either do not pay rent or breach their leases, freeing up those units for occupants who will comply with their agreements.

Additionally, we proactively advise on the day-to-day decisions which prevent you from getting into legal troubles down the road. We help address situations as they emerge, thus preventing them from developing into serious legal problems with larger financial consequences. Where there are issues, we are here to address and resolve them before they escalate.

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