Nursing Home Injury

We represent victims of elder abuse and neglect in claims against assisted living and long-term care facilities. As former prosecutors and fierce advocates, we work quickly and comprehensively to hold nursing homes accountable for any needless pain and suffering.

A nursing home or care facility is trusted to keep a loved one safe. Yet, when what should be a place of care and dignity instead causes decline or injury, we can help you identify the cause and resolve the issue.

It is almost unfathomable how such mistreatment of our elders can happen at all. However, injuries often occur in long-term care settings due to intentional harm by staff, or insufficient staffing and oversight by administration. When that happens, patients and residents can be left permanently scarred, disabled, or with injuries or infections that prove to be life-threatening.

Long-term care facilities are responsible for having policies and staff in place to help residents with activities of daily living and surmount the increasing risks and challenges of age, such as falls and susceptibility to illness. When residents are left alone or unsupervised, or protocols are ignored or not in place to begin with, people get hurt.

As a family member, you know when something is amiss. You can tell if your loved one is suffering even if he or she is unable to communicate with you. If in doubt, it is always best to reach out to an experienced nursing home injury attorney to explore your options.

As former prosecutors and fierce litigators, we understand the courts, both criminal and civil. We know how to guide you through the legal process, advocate for your loved one, and explore potential liability for anyone who may be responsible. We bring the offenses to light and hold the offenders accountable.

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