• Millionsof dollars awarded for injuries
  • Thousandsof acquittals in the criminal justice system

A list of some of our recent verdicts:

  • Cosby jury deadlocks
  • Meek Mill released from prison
  • Million dollar settlement for malpractice case for misfiled prescription by pharmacy
  • Jury acquittal for Beanie Sigel
  • Million dollar settlement in Civil Rights case
  • Statutory Employer defense defeated as injured union employee receives large monetary award
  • Large award for family of grandfather in wrongful death case
  • Acquittal of Police Lieutenant for assault charges captured on video
  • Significant award for family injured in bus accident
  • Large verdict awarded in construction accident resulting a partial amputation
  • Successful defense of several hundred white collar defendants including elected officials, corporate executives, medical professionals and doctors, professional athletes, attorneys as well as law enforcement officers
  • Acquittals in several hundred homicide cases
  • Large settlement obtained for plaintiff while housed in juvenile detention facility
  • Successful State Court criminal defense of several hundred cases involving professional athletes, corporate executives, law enforcement officers, elected officials as well as medical and legal professionals
Fortunato N. Perri, Jr.

Fortunato N. Perri, Jr. at a press conference.