Catastrophic Personal Injury

Our clients have suffered physical, financial and emotional losses from workplace injuries, car accidents, defective products, medical malpractice, slip/trip and falls and other instances of negligence.

Personal injury claims involving catastrophic injuries include complex medical evidence and, often, extensive negotiation. Putting a dollar figure on injuries and their effect on quality of life and earning potential, for example, is difficult. Litigation can be lengthy, and large damage awards can result.

Catastrophic Personal Injury Bill Davis

Davis Wins $1.5 Million Settlement for Injured HVAC Repairman

If you or a loved one sustains catastrophic injuries, it can mean treatment, rehabilitation, and, possibly, a lifetime of medical care. Financial resources will be critical to sustaining care. An attorney will negotiate with the insurance company. In court, he or she must be able to make sure a judge or jury understands the extent of the injuries and the costs of the care involved.

The complexity of these cases requires negotiation skills and, frequently, tenacious litigation. Call us so we can review your situation. There is no charge for a consultation. We represent clients throughout the Philadelphia region.

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