Prisoner Civil Rights

Prisoners have legal rights. Rights that protect their dignity, health and safety. They are entitled to a minimum standard of living and should be safeguarded against cruel and unusual punishment.

Regardless of the reason anyone is incarcerated, he or she deserves protection against discrimination and unequal treatment based on race, religion, nationality or gender. Prisoners have the right to read, write, speak, and observe their religion. They have the right to reasonable accommodations if they are disabled. They also have the right to adequate medical and mental health care.

When basic human rights are violated, or when a prisoner’s own health and safety is compromised as a result of negligence or intentional action, the prisoner deserves accountability and resolution. A prison civil rights attorney can help address the devastating effects of such mistreatment that can cause needless suffering, disability, or even death.

As former prosecutors and experienced trial lawyers, we understand the criminal justice system: the processes, the players and the courts. In addition, as successful personal injury attorneys, we know how to pursue compensation for unnecessary injury. We guide you through the process, advocate for you, and explore potential civil liability for anyone who may be responsible. We bring the offenses to light and hold the offenders accountable.

Our goal is to protect your basic human rights so that you may serve out your sentence in health and safety with dignity.

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