Victims of Crime

When violent crime occurs, it leaves a wake of debilitating emotional trauma in addition to physical injury. We represent victims of crime in claims against their offenders and third parties who may have contributed to the crime, such as property owners.

Victims of crime not only want to recover from their injuries and emotional trauma, but they also want the offender to pay for the crime. If a victim can prevail with compensatory damages in civil court, along with criminal sanctions against their attacker, healing can happen much faster.

Whether the incident involved assault, robbery, or rape, as former prosecutors and victims’ advocates, we are uniquely positioned to help crime victims through both the criminal and civil courts. We are able to guide you through the process and advocate for you with the district attorney’s office as necessary. We also explore potential civil liability of anyone who may be responsible for a victim’s injuries or death.

Sometimes monetary damages come not from the offender, but from a third party, such as the owner of a parking garage, parking lot, or building where the crime took place. While not directly involved in the crime, a third party could have contributed to it through having improper lighting, negligent security, or even an unaddressed history of previous incidents that occurred on or near the property.

We will vigilantly pursue every angle and tap the expertise of premises liability experts, forensic experts, law enforcement and security management experts to evaluate whether reasonable care was taken to keep the area safe.

Allow us to help you hold every possible offender accountable to rebuild your life after a violent crime.

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