Auto/Car Accidents

We are personal injury lawyers with experience in car accident cases. If you or a loved one has been hurt, we can provide guidance.

Anyone who commutes to work, shuttles children around or runs errands sees how common car accidents are. Most accidents are fender benders. Drivers exchange information and move along. But not always.

More than 20,000 people die in passenger vehicle accidents on U.S. roads every year, and thousands more are seriously injured. An auto accident happens and, suddenly, victims and their families are struggling with life-altering injuries, loss of income, and large and growing medical bills.

Car accidents are a common source of personal injury claims, as injured individuals and their loved ones seek compensation. These accidents can also lead to claims of property destruction. And families who have lost someone may file a wrongful death claim, especially if reckless or drunk driving was a factor in the accident.


Victims of auto accidents and their families should move quickly in deciding whether to take legal action. Much information needs to be gathered to build a good case, and Pennsylvania and New Jersey laws dictate that claims be filed within two years of an accident.

We represent car accident victims throughout the Philadelphia region. We can assess your situation quickly and provide guidance. You may call us to schedule an appointment. There is no cost for a consult.

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