Motorcycle Accidents

Personal injury claims are common in these tragic cases. But a defective motorcycle or helmet can play a role in the resulting loss.

Motorcyclists are far more likely to die in traffic accidents than drivers and passengers of other vehicles. And, when they survive accidents, they are more likely to suffer catastrophic injury.

Motorcycle accidents commonly occur when the driver of another vehicle does not see the motorcycle. Motorcyclists are especially at risk at intersections, where they can be injured by a car turning into the road. Accidents also happen when there is too little space between a motorcycle and another vehicle; even minor driver error can end in tragedy.

Legal action taken by motorcyclists and their loved ones can fall into one or more areas, including the following:

  • Personal injury claims involve matters of negligence: Did another driver have responsibility for the accident? Did a government agency fail to properly maintain the roadway? Was a property owner remiss in ensuring visibility by, for example, not trimming a tree?
  • Defective product claims might focus on the motorcycle or the rider’s helmet.

Motorcyclists and their loved ones should sit down with an experienced attorney to learn their legal recourse. Initially, accident scene evidence will need to be evaluated, police and accident reports carefully reviewed, and, if possible, witnesses questioned. Once attorneys determine the basis for a claim, they can begin to build a case.

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