Defective Products

First, we help clients determine whether they have a case. This must be done quickly because there is a time limit on filing claims.

Thousands of children and adults of all ages are injured or die every year because of defective products. Liability for these injuries and deaths might lie in the design, manufacturing or marketing of the product.

Liability can come into play at any point along the product’s distribution path. It may lie with the manufacturer of the product or of any of its parts. Or it might be found in the assembly of a product or its installation. The wholesaler and the retailer may also be subject to liability.

Fortunato N. Perri, Jr.

Fortunato N. Perri, Jr. interviewed by the press.

Defective product claims are filed over virtually all products, including the following:

  • toys
  • cribs
  • car seats
  • seatbelts and airbags
  • microwaves
  • furniture
  • power tools
  • heavy machinery
  • medical devices, such as hip replacements and surgical mesh

Anyone who has been injured or whose loved one has been hurt or killed because of a product should contact an experienced lawyer. Determining liability and building a case are complicated tasks.

Action must be taken within a certain amount of time. Under Pennsylvania and New Jersey law, product defect claims must be filed within two years of the injury or death. So, call us. We will review your situation. There is no charge for you to talk to us. We represent clients throughout the Philadelphia region.

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