Amazon Faces Slip and Fall Charges…Again

A New Jersey woman who slipped and fell on her way to work could have a case against Amazon after all, according to a decision by a New Jersey appeals court, as recently reported online.

Plaintiff Jeannie Greenstein originally sued Amazon and others for her slip-and-fall injuries due to snow and ice that was not properly removed from her path to work. Initially the trial court ruled against Greenstein, but an appeals court has reversed that decision and sent the case back to be retried/re-heard.

Greenstein was walking to work in January when the sidewalk was blocked with two feet of snow. She walked in the gutter toward the walkway leading to her place of employment. When a parked car blocked her path, she turned onto Amazon’s “exit only” ramp to try to reach the paved sidewalk just beyond it. She lost her balance on the ramp and fell.

Originally, the court ruled that while Amazon had liability to maintain the sidewalk, it did not have a duty to maintain the ramp past the sidewalk’s boundary. In addition to Amazon, the others named in the suit were Forsgate Industrial Complex/Forsgate Ventures, Samsung SDS America, Jeni LLC, and Bergen Outdoors, Inc. Forsgate is the complex where Greenstein works. Jeni owns the building. Samsung is a tenant in the building. Bergen Outdoors is the landscaper providing snow and ice removal services.

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