Dramatic Increase in Philadelphia Carjackings

According to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the city is seeing rapidly rising numbers of carjackings. Currently, there have been 140 carjackings in Philadelphia – double the amount at this time last year. The city had 840 total carjackings in 2021, the highest since 2017. They occurred throughout the city: Southwest Philadelphia, Old City, Germantown, Bella Vista, North Philadelphia, and Rhawnhurst.

According to the report, there are various explanations about why this particular crime in Philadelphia is on the rise: some attribute it to young people taking joyrides, some claim cars are stolen for use in other crimes, and still others say cars are simply being targeted for the parts.

Carjacking victims can experience emotional trauma and physical injury. However, with the help of a law firm experienced helping victims of crime in Pennsylvania, you can pursue compensatory damages in civil court, along with criminal sanctions against the attacker. Please reach out to us. As former prosecutors and victims’ advocates, we understand both the criminal and civil courts and can help. Please contact us today.