How Truck Drivers Can Avoid Accidents

The Great West Casualty Company recently shared the four types of critical truck crashes on the road. Knowing their causes can not only help truckers improve safety, but also help motorists that share the road be aware of the factors that cause them.

  • Lane change crashes happen when trucks frequently moving between lanes, fail to use turn signals or mirrors, or disregard blind spots.
  • Loss of control crashes occur when a driver experiences a tire blowout, jackknife, rollover or other sudden factor. These types of crashes often happen due to wet surfaces, distracted driving, traveling too fast on a ramp or curve or even striking a pothole.
  • Rear-end crashes happen when a driver does not stop in time and collides with the vehicle in front. This is a result of following too closely, speeding, and distracted driving. Slippery surfaces, improper brake adjustments, and low tire tread also can be factors.
  • Run-under crashes force a vehicle under the truck‚Äôs trailer during a too-wide right turn or U-turn. Other contributing factors include malfunctioning trailer lights or missing reflective tape.

Accidents happen and are sometimes out of our control. But when negligence or error is involved and someone is hurt, discussing the accident with an attorney who is experienced in litigating truck accident cases can help secure compensation for your losses. Please reach out to us if you think you may have a case.