JUUL Takes Action Against Ban

Vaping giant Juul Labs has faced its share of legal action in multiple states, as we’ve previously reported. Last month, the FDA issued a ban on Juul’s products in the U.S., citing concerns about potentially harmful chemicals leaching from the pods. The agency noted that there is insufficient and conflicting data from the company to assess whether there is a hazard, and until such evidence is evaluated, the products may not be marketed or sold.

However, a legal appeal by Juul netted the company permission to continue sales while a federal court considers the ban, according to a recent report in USA Today. Juul claims that the FDA acted on political pressure from Congress, punishing the company for the youth vaping epidemic. Juul noted that it has helped more than two million adult smokers switch from cigarette smoking, arguing that it’s good for public health.

In 2020, the FDA asked all e-cigarette and vaping companies to submit applications to continue marketing their products. At that time, the agency banned fruit and mint flavored pods that appealed to teens. The agency noted that Juul’s application lacked the necessary clinical information which led to the recent ban.

Juul’s appeal could delay the ban for weeks or even months, according to the article. A three-judge appeals court panel will review the case.

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