Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month 2022

Throughout May, Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month is observed to help reinforce safe sharing of the roadways. According to a recent report on Butler Radio, Pennsylvania saw over 3,000 motorcycle crashes and 226 fatalities last year.

In May and the summer months, warmer weather brings more motorcyclists onto the roadways and, as the Pennsylvania State Police cautions, motorcycles can “hide” in blind spots due to their small size, so drivers of cars and trucks should always double check mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes. Additionally, using turn signals will help signal your direction to motorcyclists, as well.

Another important Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month tip involves allowing enough distance between vehicles when following a motorcycle. Leaving at least four seconds between a car and motorcycle allows motorcyclists to adjust position and speed when encountering road hazards like potholes, gravel or slippery surfaces.

Finally and most significantly, motorists should take care to avoid distracted driving. According to NHTSA-funded research, drivers of passenger vehicles are distracted more than half the time.

If you were involved with a crash due to another driver’s negligence and you would like to discuss the details of the incident with a top motorcycle accident attorney in Pennsylvania, please reach out to us.