New Bills Mandate Snow Removal

Even though the calendar has moved into springtime, legislators in several states are still thinking about winter. Specifically, significant fines for drivers who don’t remove snow and ice from the tops of their vehicles, according to an article in Land Line. While the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and other states already have laws in place, the discussion has now turned to whether stronger legislation is needed.

One senator in Pennsylvania has been fighting for years for stricter regulations ever since a woman was killed in 2005 after a piece of ice dislodged from a box truck that crashed through her windshield. Senate Bill 114, or “Christine’s Law,” has drivers facing a maximum penalty of $1,500 if snow and ice from their vehicles causes serious injury or death. Police also would be allowed to ticket drivers who fail to clear the snow and ice within 24 hours of a snowstorm. The bill was voted on unanimously by the Senate Transportation Committee and is now headed for the Senate floor. Similar legislation is also being considered in Delaware and Maine.

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