New Data on Youth Fatalities in Auto Accidents

Sadly, more than 70,000 Americans under the age of 19 died in automobile accidents between 2004 and 2018 in a recent study on the latest available data. Of those numbers, 84% were in the driver or passenger seat. Where are these accidents most common and why?

States with the most child and teen fatalities (per 100,000) were Mississippi at 10.6, Wyoming at 9.9 and Montana at 9.3. The districts and states with the least were Washington, D.C. at 1.2; New York at 1.9 and Massachusetts at 1.9.

In our tri-state area, Pennsylvania is number 36 with 3.5, New Jersey is number 48 with 2, and Delaware is number 32 with 4.

The study found that these numbers are actually linked to population density and urban versus rural concentration. It concluded that people living in less densely populated states more often drive at higher speeds and have longer commutes, whereas in more densely populated states, speeding is less common and fewer people commute by car. The study also cited CDC findings that indicate seat belt use is less common in rural areas.

Drivers are, indeed, getting back behind the wheel again. In early September, driving in the U.S. increased 70% relative to the beginning of 2020 and later that month rose another 21%. The study cautioned drivers who may not have been behind the wheel in 2020 as often as in past years to be “more cognizant.”

If you have a loved one injured in an auto accident where you believe negligence was at play, please reach out to us to talk about your legal options.