OSHA’s Top Ten Workplace Safety Violations

Each year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports on the top workplace safety violations, to show employers what they need to address to remove serious workplace hazards. OSHA performed 24,333 total inspections in 2021, up from 21,710 the previous year. Here’s what topped the list:

  1. Fall protection to shield employees walking or working on surfaces with an unprotected edge or above 6 feet. It includes safety systems for construction and installation as well as guidance for employee supervision.
  2. Respiratory protection if employees are exposed to known or potential respiratory hazards. It includes employee training, respirator selection, fitting, cleaning, maintenance and repair.
  3. Ladder standards, which establish requirements for the safe use of all types of ladders.
  4. Hazard communication on possible chemical dangers in the workplace. This includes a written plan that features hazard classification, labels, safety data, training and maintenance.
  5. Scaffolding requirements, including for suspended scaffolds, supported scaffolds and air lifts.
  6. Fall protection training and education on proper use of fall protection equipment.
  7. Hazardous energy standard safeguard procedures to prevent employees from unintentional releases of hazardous energy, such as how to safely disable machinery or equipment during servicing.
  8. Personal protective and lifesaving equipment for employees working with hazards and irritants.
  9. Powered industrial machine operation guidance and training on the use of such equipment as forklifts and lift trucks.
  10. Machinery Guarding that protects employees from hazards during operation, like rotating parts, flying chips, and sparks.

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