Q&A: What if my Motorcycle Accident was Caused by a Defect?

Product defects can result in motorcycle accidents, injuries and even death. That’s why keeping on top of safety recalls is so important. A recent article in FindLaw explains safety recalls and your rights as a motorcycle owner.

When a defect causes a motorcycle injury or death, it’s often a product liability issue. Liability may lie with the manufacturer of the product or of any of its parts. Or it might be found in the flawed assembly of a product or its installation. The wholesaler and the retailer may also be subject to liability. No matter what caused the defect, the manufacturer is obligated to fix it, at no cost to you, and even if you never received a safety recall notice.

Recall notices come from the motorcycle manufacturer or from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In both instances, the manufacturer is required to file a public report. They must share information about the defect, the motorcycle models it affects, and the events that resulted in the recall. Manufacturers also have a duty to notify motorcycle owners.

You may find the up-to-date recall history for your motorcycle, or any vehicle, at 1-888-327-4236 or at www.nhtsa.gov. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident and suspect a part malfunction was the cause, contacting a top Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney is a good way to learn about your legal options.

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