“Slip and fall:” When is it an accident, and when is someone at fault?

After a slip-and-fall accident, sometimes the thought is “Clumsy me.” Sometimes, however, it is important to ask if the accident could have been avoided with a little extra care on the part of the property owner. While it is normal for things to fall or spill onto the ground, that should never serve as an excuse for someone’s negligence. There are some very simple ways to determine liability after a slip-and-fall accident, and things to keep in mind.

The first and most important thing to remember is that it is always the responsibility of a commercial property owner to keep their property safe through regular maintenance and safety checks. A property owner may even be liable for an injury if one of their employees was the one who created or knew about a dangerous situation or condition but did not fix it.

Often, victims wonder if they have a valid case after a slip-and-fall accident. If something on the ground caused the accident, was there a logical reason for that object to be there? Could there have been a barrier or warning placed near the dangerous spot? Was poor or broken lighting a contributing factor to the accident? The answers may prove that the property owner was negligent, and that you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

In most cases, the best place to start in determining whether you have a valid claim after a slip-and-fall accident is to speak with an attorney. To schedule a time to talk to an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorney, please reach out to us.