Top Causes of Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries cost U.S. businesses over $1 billion weekly, according to the most recent Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index. To compile the report, researchers reviewed 2017 data – the most recent available – from Liberty Mutual, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the National Academy of Social Insurance. The analysis revealed the top 10 workplace injuries that cause employees to miss five or more days of work:

  1. Handling objects ($13.98 billion)
  2. Falls on the same level (10.84 billion)
  3. Being hit by objects ($6.12 billion)
  4. Falls to lower level ($5.71 billion)
  5. Awkward postures ($4.69 billion)
  6. Vehicle crashes ($3.56 billion)
  7. Slip or trip without fall ($2.06 billion)
  8. Repetitive motions involving microtasks ($2.05 billion)
  9. Colliding with objects ($2.0 billion)
  10. Running equipment or machines ($1.92 billion)

Workplace dangers included wet floors, slippery and uneven walkways, wobbly ladders, falling objects, heavy boxes, and moving machinery. Distracted drivers also played a role, as did the first step down from a vehicle/truck.

Researchers broke down the data by industry to identify specific concerns:

  • Overexertion due to heavy lifting was a top concern in healthcare, manufacturing, professional services, retail, transportation/warehousing, and wholesale. Such injuries led to sprains and strains of the back or shoulder.
  • Falls to the lower level were unique to construction and caused fractures and injuries to multiple body parts. Falls on the same level were common in hospitality and leisure, manufacturing, professional services, retail, transportation/warehousing, and wholesale. Same-level fall injuries commonly resulted in sprains or strains.
  • Manufacturing injuries often involved a hand or finger caught in equipment.
  • Unique to healthcare/social services was intentional injury, often due to patients being uncooperative. The injuries commonly involve contusions of the head or abdomen.

Not all workplace injuries receive compensation solely from Workers’ Comp. If negligence is a factor, you may be able to file a civil suit for your losses. It may help to reach out to an attorney experienced in workplace accidents. Our firm is recognized as a leader in litigating workplace injury cases throughout Pennsylvania.