What if I Suffer an Injury Working from Home?

If you’re injured at work, chances are you will have a worker’s comp claim. But what if you’re injured while working remotely at home? A recent article in Property Casualty explored the issue.

The growing acceptance of working from home during the pandemic is a continued trend. According to Upwork, 22 percent of the population or 36.2 Americans will work remotely by 2025. While most states require businesses to carry workers’ compensation coverage, having a policy doesn’t mean that a home work injury is covered. It depends upon the type of injury, the state of the workplace, and details of the company’s remote work policy. Often, the burden of proof is on the employee.

The article cited one case – Verizon Pennsylvania vs. Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board – where an employee tripped and fell down the stairs in her remote workspace. The company argued that, since the employee had stepped away from her desk on a break and only fell returning to her desk to answer the phone, it wasn’t an official part of her work duties. However, since the home office was approved as a workspace and the injury occurred during the course of duty, the judge ruled in her favor.

It’s not always that clear cut, however. Many factors are at play, and it may take the help of an experienced workplace accident attorney in Pennsylvania to help establish the cause and any recompense outside of workers’ compensation that you may be entitled to. Please reach out to us to discuss the details of your unique situation. There’s no obligation after the consultation, and no cost unless we prevail in your case.