With Daylight Savings Comes… Medical Mistakes?

If you feel as if things were thrown off by changes in Daylight Savings Time, you are not alone. New research shows that medical errors increase in the days following Daylight Savings Times clock adjustments, according to a recent article on OptometryTimes.com.

A 2020 study recorded incidents, as reported by Mayo Clinic Health System healthcare workers, caused by “defective systems,” “defective equipment” or “human error.” The data was collected for the seven days before and after spring and fall Daylight Savings Time over eight years. Human error, which included incorrect dosing or the wrong drugs prescribed, appeared to increase significantly when an hour was lost in the spring. However, when an hour was gained in the fall, the errors were not as significant.

The study suggested contingency measures to lower the risk of human error after spring Daylight Savings Time, such as delayed start times.

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