Workplace Injuries, Third-Party Liability, and Compensation

Getting injured at work can be devastating, both physically and financially. It’s important to make sure you do all you can to get the maximum compensation for your losses.

Workers’ compensation barely pays your wages and medical bills. And it doesn’t cover pain and suffering or punitive damages. But you can often seek full compensation for your losses, including for pain and suffering, from a third party. That is, someone other than your employer.

For example, say you’re struck by a backhoe bucket and badly injured while working on a construction site. You may get workers’ comp from your employer, who is a subcontractor on the job, but others, such as the backhoe operator and his employer or the backhoe manufacturer, may be liable for your injury.

We specialize in suing third parties, such as general contractors, facility owners, machine manufacturers and other businesses whose employees, products or services can be held responsible for workplace injuries — far beyond often-small workers’ compensation insurance benefits.

If you’re injured at work, we can handle your workers’ compensation claim and related matters around other benefits, such as Social Security, unemployment and disability. But we can also help you get what you’re entitled to beyond these benefits payments.

We will help you find the best doctors and therapists for your situation, and we will go after every person and company responsible for your injuries so that you can get the maximum possible compensation for your physical and financial pain.