Zantac Drug Maker Accused of Deleting Records

One of the drug companies behind Zantac was recently accused of deleting company emails tied to the drug’s 2019 recall, according to an article in Fierce Pharma. The company, Sanofi, faces lawsuits which allege that they concealed cancer risks associated with this popular heartburn medication.

Zantac contains a probable human carcinogen, N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), which is a contaminant common in ranitidine medications, of which Zantac is one. NDMA is present in the average person’s water and food supply, but in low levels, which is not expected to lead to a risk of cancer. Higher levels, however, do pose a danger.

The FDA tested Zantac samples and did not find unacceptable levels of NDMA. However, information from third party laboratories confirmed that NDMA levels increased over time, and significantly so when the drug was stored at higher temperatures. These were conditions typical of distribution and handling by Zantac’s manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

As a result, the FDA advised consumers to stop taking Zantac and consult their health providers for alternative medications which do not contain NDMA. They also asked consumers to safely dispose of Zantac.

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