In Murder Of Limo Driver, His Number Wasn’t Up

Philadelphia Daily News (PA)

The defense lawyer used Eagles green to win the murder case.

The green shirt of Eagles running back Herschel Walker.Attorney Brian McMonagle said witnesses who saw limo driver Henry Speller, 37, shot and killed at 5th and Cantrell streets last Aug. 26 said the gunman wore an Eagles shirt with Walker’s number 34 on it.

“But my client was wearing a black shirt that night,” said McMonagle. ”This is a case of mistaken identity.”

So, despite two eyewitnesses who swore Herman Clark, 21, was the killer, a jury acquitted him.

“The two witnesses who said my guy was the killler were inside the limo at the time of the shooting,” McMonagle said. “They were looking out through tinted glass. That made it impossible to see what they say they saw. It was too dark at 10:30 p.m. for them to see.”

Police say Speller, of Roosevelt Boulevard, was shot five times after he stopped his limo and got out to complain about someone throwing rocks and bottles at the vehicle.

When McMonagle asked Clark to tell the jury how he felt when he was arrested three months after the killing, he replied, “I was hurt. I had nothing to do with it.”

Clark, of Emily Street near 7th, South Philadelphia, said he had been involved in a fight prior to the murder, but was not present when Speller was gunned down.

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