Nimble Lawyering Results in Substantial Award

McMonagle, Perri, McHugh & Mischak attorneys found themselves in a fierce battle over damages when their client, injured in a shuttle bus crash, unexpectedly declined.

The client, a hard-working hotel manager and dedicated husband and father, was riding in the shuttle bus from Philadelphia International Airport when it crashed on Interstate 476. It was nighttime, cold and snowy. The driver was found to be traveling too fast for the weather conditions, causing the spin-out accident.

The injuries had seemed minimal when the firm filed suit in Common Pleas Court against the driver and bus company. But as the trial neared, the client became fully disabled. The change in his condition meant the firm had to build an argument for a greater award.

Not only were McMonagle Perri attorneys able to convince insurance company lawyers that the shuttle bus company was 100 percent at fault, they showed that their client’s injuries were serious, painful, and debilitating, justifying a cash award of $250,000.