William Davis wins $1.5 Million settlement for injured HVAC repairman


A 50-year-old Philadelphia man, father of five and grandfather of three, won a $1,500,000 settlement from injuries he sustained in a Philadelphia warehouse when he fell more than 20 feet, injuring his head and back. William Davis, of the trial-lawyer firm of McMonagle, Perri, McHugh & Mischak, led the effort to help the man from North Philadelphia.

The life-long HVAC repairman was servicing heaters that were mounted near the ceiling of a warehouse, 30 feet above the floor. An improperly rigged and negligently operated fork lift, used by the company to raise the client to the height of the heaters, caused him to fall to the floor below, causing serious injuries. His injuries made it impossible for him to continue working in the only field he ever knew.

While the defense initially denied liability, Davis’ investigation proved that not only was the warehouse company at fault, but that the company had been cited by OSHA for multiple violations. The defense later tried to resolve the claim for a minimal amount, but Davis’ persistence and reputation as an aggressive and successful trial lawyer allowed the client to win the $1,500,000 settlement.

The settlement allows his family to live comfortably and for the worker and his wife to leave something for their children and grandchildren.

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