America’s Nursing Home Crisis

As America’s elderly population continues to grow, there are not enough elder care workers to fill demand and as a result, care may suffer, according to an article in Politico. Since 2020, 400,000 workers have quit, due to a combination of low pay, lack of advancement, and pandemic exhaustion. The immigrants who have typically filled many of these positions are simply not able to enter the U.S., creating the perfect storm for an eldercare crisis.

According to the report, the current insufficient staff numbers will only worsen, as the number of people over age 85 is expected to double to 14 million by 2040 and to 84 million by 2050. Traditionally, these types of positions are shunned by Americans due to the low amount of pay. As a result, elder care facilities fill the roles with immigrants, but immigration is at an all-time low due to pandemic restrictions, backlogged visas and Trump immigration policies.

As a result, workloads in understaffed nursing homes can become increasingly heavy, with 16 hour workdays and a single nursing assistant responsible for more residents then they can manage or attend to responsibly.

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