Q&A: Who is Liable for an Injury at a Short-Term Rental?

A woman injured in a shooting at a Pennsylvania Airbnb has sued the company, alleging that their negligence led to the violence.

There were reportedly over 200 people at the rental when the shooting took place, many of them underage. The plaintiff, who was shot in the leg when trying to leave, is accusing Airbnb and the property owner of failing to rent a safe property to adults, monitor it, and prevent parties, citing previous incidents of violence at Airbnb properties.

While this particular lawsuit has yet to run its course, there are some definite certainties in terms of liability: depending on the circumstances, property owners may be directly responsible if someone is injured in their home, especially if it was due to a known hazard or circumstance that could have been addressed or remedied prior to the stay. If that’s the case, the owner could be held responsible for both economic and noneconomic damages to the plaintiff.

Catastrophic injury cases can be complicated. When considering a lawsuit against a property owner or large company like Airbnb or VRBO, discussing the details with an attorney experienced in catastrophic personal injury may help you decide the best course of action.