West Philadelphia Woman Wrongly Incarcerated, Freed with McMonagle Perri Help Sues

(Philadelphia) – A West Philadelphia woman whose 2018 acquittal on fraudulent criminal charges was secured by McMonagle Perri’s William Davis after she spent almost a year in jail has filed a lawsuit against several parties involved in the ordeal.

In October of 2017, Bryonna Mack, 21 years old and a former Upper Darby High School basketball standout, was arrested and placed in a Delaware County prison, accused of robbing a Sunoco A-Plus. However, the accusation and incarceration was riddled with inconsistencies and assumptions: the store owner in a 911 call after the robbery reported that a man – not a woman – had robbed the store but later changed his stance,  Upper Darby police placed Mack in a photo lineup because they were familiar with her from previous criminal investigations, and store footage showed no tattoos on the robber’s hands, while Mack has tattoos on her fingers.

Davis, who secured freedom for Mack after 10 months of incarceration in a non-jury trial that lasted 2 hours, lamented on what could have been done to avoid the catastrophe in a recent Philadelphia Inquirer interview. “I believe [examining the video more closely] should have been done, if not pre-arrest then certainly shortly thereafter, to make sure they didn’t have the wrong person,” he said.

Despite her exoneration, the arrest caused Mack the loss of a job and ongoing anxiety and residual stress from the experience. She is now suing the Upper Darby detective who placed her in the lineup, as well as the convenience store owner, Sunoco and others for malicious prosecution and false imprisonment.

“We were pleased to help free Ms. Mack from the unfortunate circumstances she was unfairly placed in and wish her nothing but the best in her future.”

– Bill Davis.

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